What have I been up to?

by Cesco Emmanuel

A number of people keep asking me ‘when is my next gig’? Truth is, I have nothing booked, it may sound a bit strange but I’m almost in no hurry to play out whatsoever.

May seem absurd – a musician who has no zeal to play out. Right now, my head is just stuck in music books and refining my technique. It may sound a bit silly and egocentric, but I realized over the last three years that my method of practicing and my ‘technique’ needs some help.

So I am getting some, help that is, and not just any old help – the professional kind, from teachers who know their stuff. And it’s a slow, almost bizarre process trying to un-learn the guitar and the way I played it. But sometimes we have to throw off the old ways of doing things when they don’t work for us anymore and find new ways to proceed. A way that will work for the new person inside us all.

So, I’m doing just that. And it is scary and time-consuming as hell. And with that in mind, I just can’t find time to learn a repertoire to plan a gig.

So, in the meantime, I’ll be in my rehearsal space/office. Practicing like a madman.