We drove to Vermont and then back to Montreal….two shows in two different cities

by Cesco Emmanuel

Kobo Town @ Castleton Fine Arts Centre

So Monday morning we got up and drove to Vermont where we had a gig at Castleton Fine Arts Centre.  We played for a group of teenagers in a theatre. These kids were on a two-week course to study various aspects of the creative world – art, music, film, production, design, writing.

What struck me immediately is that they all came on the dance floor and made tremendous noise after every song.

They didn’t know us, perhaps they never heard a single song of ours before tonight.

But, they enjoyed the show.

After our performance they all wanted autographs, some bought CDs and T-shirts. Some wanted to hug us and thanked us for coming.

It was very heart-warming. We stayed on campus and left the next morning for Montreal, where we played at Club Ballatou.

The crowd was much smaller but rather appreciative, the owner was rather emotional and adamant after the show, saying that we have something very special and we must do our best to preserve it.

We drove back to Toronto on Wednesday morning, however I contracted some sort of stomach bug and was sick the entire ride. I slept 13 hours that night and am resting up today before we head to Detroit on Saturday, we play a different city every night.

But that’s another blog post…..