US/Canada tour begins……first stop Montreal Jazz

by Cesco Emmanuel

June 30th – we left Toronto at 11AM, an hour behind schedule. We finally reached into Montreal at 5PM, rushed to soundcheck at the BELL stage.

The last time we played Montreal Jazz Festival was back in 2007, six years ago. we played on a smaller stage and we played two shows, one at 6PM, and the other at 9PM.

But today, we played at 8PM, on a different stage. During our soundcheck people gathered to hear us, it was very encouraging. We had a packed audience when we took the stage at 8PM.

The show was in an open square almost, it seemed like a parking lot, converted to a stage.

We played for an hour and the crowd was just so wonderful. The guitars went out of tune a bit and I had to tune Drew’s own later on in the set. A representative from Cumbancha Records (our label) was there as well as Ivan Duran (our producer), and they both thought the show was great. So that was even more reassuring.

Thank God for a great show and a wonderful start to our US/Canadian tour….

Tomorrow we leave at 9AM for Vermont.

Pictures to follow.

I promise