The fingers and pain….a follow up to my post on ‘Injury’

by Cesco Emmanuel

So I fractured one of my bones on left my middle finger back in December, it took close to six weeks to heal, and now I can see a small callus on my hand. It’s strange to see, but it’s a welcomed relief to see how the body does in fact heal itself.

During that time it was hard not to play guitar. I tried a few times and the pain was unbelievable.

I’ve been attempting to play just a piece of music at a time, no more than ten minutes and still, the hand is painful.

The fingertips feel sore and raw, it’s a new type of soreness, not one I’ve felt before, the ring finger is trembling all the time whenever I attempt a bar chord. It’s a bit scary to watch and feel these sensations in my left hand.

I measure the sensations on a daily basis, just to see if there’s any change.

On one hand, it’s intriguing to see how the body is so delicate; on the other hand, the fear that my left hand may not work how it did before does creep into my mind.

All I can do, is hope and wait for the best.