Shows, shows, shows……if my Rock n Roll buddies could see me now

by Cesco Emmanuel

So all of a sudden in the space of a week, I’m booked for ten shows….and there goes what I thought would be a quiet time in Trinidad…..on the inside I was missing touring, so maybe the Universe heard me and decided to keep me busy here…..

Seven of those shows are for a musical theatre production called ‘Encore to Broadway’…..I’m playing classical guitar in most songs and electric for Phantom of the Opera, I have to slam on my distortion pedal and palm-mute for a certain part in one of the songs and all I can think is….’what would my metal friends say?’… really is crazy, you never know where you’ll end up

The other shows are backing up Flamenco guitarist Stefan Roach, for that, I have to brush up on flamenco, haven’t played that music in years.

Quite an interesting turn of events, I tell you. Very interesting gigs are coming my way.

I’m toying with the idea of recording a new set of my ideas…..will keep you posted when I do…..stay tuned…..

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