So here’s some of the shows for this year so far…

Stay tuned folks…..


Feb 1st – Cumberland Hotel, Cumberland, BC, w Kobo Town

Feb 2nd – Queen’s Hotel, Nanaimo, BC, w Kobo Town

Feb 3rd – White Eagle Hall, Victoria, BC, w Kobo Town, the New Groovement & Cheko and the Lion Rockers

Feb 4th – The Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver, BC, w Kobo Town

Feb 8th – Dream Cafe, Penticton, BC, w Kobo Town

Feb 9th – Golden Civic Centre, Golden, BC, w Kobo Town

Feb 10th – Festival Place, Sherwood Park, AB, w Kobo Town

Feb 11th – Festival Hall, Calgary, AB,  Sargeant & Comrade, Kobo Town and Taj Weekes & Adowa: A Block Heater Event

Feb 12th – The Ironstage & Grill, Calgary, AB, An Afternoon Double Collaborative Session with Kris Ellestad, Mélisande [électrotrad], The Northwest Passage, S.A.V.K. and Kobo Town, Taj Weekes & Adowa, Sargeant & Comrade: A Block Heater Event

March 21 – Melange Restaurant (solo classical performance)

April 2nd – President’s Grounds (solo performance for World Autism Day)

April 9th – Lil Carib Theatre, GSD Productions – Joint Pop Awards

June 5th – Lil Carib Theatre, Prestige Vocal Academy “Crescendo II”

July 8 & 9th – Mariposa Folk Fest, Orillia w Kobo Town

July 19th – Nuits D’Afrique, Montreal w Kobo Town

July 22nd – Moncton w Kobo Town

July 23rd – Ottawa w Kobo Town


For more KOBO TOWN shows: Check here for further details

Then click on the shows page……

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