Born and raised on the lively twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago, Cesco Emmanuel discovered his passion for the guitar at age 13. He has been a student for more than nineteen years at the Graham Newling Classical Guitar School where he is currently pursuing his advanced studies with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London (ABRSM).

His first taste of band life came at 16 with the heavy metal cover band – Warhead. By 18, he formed the progressive/alternative band Brothers Grimm. He was a founding member of FLIPSIDE that won the first edition of the Anchorage Pop Music awards (1996).

Big Eyed Grieve (an avant-garde, experimental unit), formed in 1996 played on for seven years but sadly, just as the band were about to record their first studio album in 2003 , their equipment was stolen. The band never recovered after that tragedy, but played a reunion show on January 1st, 2005. A live recording was later released in December, 2011.

In July 2003, Cesco showcased his solo material from his debut EP ‘One Man‘ at the ‘Acoustic Anti-Pop Nite’ in Trinidad.

In September of that year he migrated to Canada to further his musical pursuits. He joined Toronto-based psychedelic band CHLORINE DREAM for most of 2004. (http://www.chlorine-dream.com/)

On the solo front, two other Eps quickly followed: 2004’s ‘One Man & His Guitar‘ and 2005’s ‘The April Morning Sky Sessions‘.

By late 2004, he had formed his own experimental band in Toronto – BOUND. Their debut album ‘Across the Shoreline’ (2008) can be heard at www.myspace.com/thebound.

Cesco was one of the founding members of the Toronto-based outfit – Kobo Town. The band released its’ second album ‘Jumbie in the Jukebox‘ (2013) and was recently nominated for a Juno in the World Music category (2014). Check out www.kobotown.com for more details.

His last band effort in Trinidad was the power trio – THe SONic REVIVal PROJect. Their self-titled debut album (2010) is available at www.reverbnation.com/thesonicrevivalproject.

Cesco has a day job – that of guitar teacher. He teaches at various schools and offers private tutoring as well.

His first full-length solo acoustic album – ‘Side One: Journey Within‘ was released May 2012. You can get a copy right here.

Cesco also composes for film. His latest work can be heard on the series – ‘The West Indies at War’ and ‘Within these Walls’ (both airing on the Parliament channel) as well as the short film  ‘A Story About Wendy’ (Official Selection at the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival 2012), the 3-part documentary series- ‘Inward Hunger – The story Eric Williams ((2011)’ – Winner – Best full-length feature film, T&T Film Awards, 2012), and the documentary short – ‘PAN!’ (2010).

You can find all the music he’s composed at www.cescoemmanuel.bandcamp.com

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