Prone to accidents, does the skin have memory?

by Cesco Emmanuel

So, first I burned a part of my wrist with steam from a pot on sunday, and as of today, the skin has turned a nice crimson colour.

Subsequent to that, the skin has burst, so it is raw and painful.

Fun stuff!

When it happened, I pulled my hand away from the pot as quickly as I could, then ran my hand under room temperature water for a bit. There was a fair amount of pain.

The strange thing is, my hand just came close to the steam for all of two seconds, and long after I took my hand away from the pot, long after I had turned off the water and just sat there just looking at my hand, my hand was still feeling the pain.

First the area throbbed, then it got red with heat, then it raised within an hour.

I was amazed at how much skin registers something, almost as if skin has a memory of its’ own. Or is it the nerve endings that are transmitting the pain signal to my wrist?

I have no idea, but what I am curious about is, surely this must apply to muscle memory, and the way our hands learn patterns of notes on the guitar, whether it be chords, scales, licks, riffs, etc.

It must be, how else would we remember all these things at a moment’s notice.

Anyway, I don’t hand any scientific evidence to back up my theory, it’s just my own limited conclusion – that our body remembers the sensation of objects, incidents, people, places. And that forms neurological pathways so we can recall this information within the flick of an eye.

And to top it all off, that was my right-hand wrist which I burned on sunday, I have also cut my thumb and ring finger with those irritating paper burns that burn like hell!

What a week!