Plan for 2014?

by Cesco Emmanuel

So a new year is upon us, in fact, January is almost over, and my plan for this year is a bit of a more crazy, flexible music year.

I have my DipABRSM exam sometime between March and May. So I’m busy practicing my twelve pieces for that day, plus brushing up on my sight reading, which is really not that good.

I’m getting more students, which is always good. I really do like teaching, as miserable as some children can be. I feel good when my student does well.

Kobo Town is starting to get bookings for March, May, July and August so once we have the dates finalized, I’ll put them up on my site.

In May there maybe a theatre production show that I’ll be playing in, so hopefully rehearsals for that will start soon.

And that pretty much covers the first three-quarters on the year, seems very promising.

I’ve learnt not to get too excited until things are actually in place.

So hopefully, I’ll be on the road soon.

See you all then