My life on Bandcamp

by Cesco Emmanuel


Some time ago I discovered a wonderful site called ‘Bandcamp’ – a place where artists and bands can upload full-length albums and EPs of their work for streaming, free download or purchase.

Such a site has, in my opinion put a very important tool in the hands of every indie musician – the ability to publish oneself to the world for everyone’s listening pleasure. And perhaps making a few dollars from it as well.

The site has done a few recent changes and has made it more community oriented so everyone can share what music they’re into with their friends. You can read about Bandcamp and what’s the latest news here.

For me, it was during Trinidad and Tobago’s State of Emergency in 2011 that I started putting up all of my recorded music online, bit by bit. After all, there was nowhere to go after 9PM, so might as well do something musically at night, and so Bandcamp was the place for me.

I just fell in-love with the site. It was a place to archive all my work. Finally. Everything I ever recorded, all the projects I was involved with. They’re all here on Bandcamp.

So if you haven’t heard some of the music I’ve done ever since 1996, you can check it all out here. It’s all there. It’s sort of weird to see some of that stuff there, I mean, I know I uploaded it all but it’s strange to listen to some of it. Some of it, I dig; others, well not so much. But it’s all there, a comprehensive snapshot of my life so far with music.

Have a listen and feel free to spread the word about my music and all the great work Bandcamp is doing to empower musicians.

Musicians – I suggest signing up for an account and music lovers; might I suggest getting a fan account?

Happy listening.