Kobo Town has been nominated for a Juno

by Cesco Emmanuel

The Juno Awards is the annual award ceremony honouring Canadian musicians for their work in the music industry in the past year. Many call it ‘the Canadian version of the Grammys’.

The first award ceremony was held in 1970 in Toronto under the name ‘Gold Leaf Awards’, the following year the name was changed to ‘Juno’ in honour of Pierre Juneau, the first head of the Canadian Radio-Television Commission, he was instrumental in establishing Canadian content for broadcasters to promote Canadian talent (as a side-note, this is something that is sadly lacking in Trinidad and Tobago – standards and guidelines for local content).

The process lasts almost 14 months in deciding the lists of nominees and subsequently the winners, chosen by members of CARAS (Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences).

The various award categories can be found here.

It’s a very lengthy process and every year the Academy seeks to honour Canadian talent and their contribution to the world of music.

And that brings us to where we are now, Kobo Town has been nominated in the World Music Album of the year category. For a full list of all nominees you can click here

So we’ll be in Winnipeg that weekend, we’ll see what happens, no matter what, it’s a great honour to be nominated by the Academy. We have a lil small tour happening in late March in the US and Canada as well, as soon as I get the dates I’ll put them up.

But in the meantime, Junos, here we come.