by Cesco Emmanuel

I play football three days a week, not professionally or anything close to that level. Just a group of guys having a ‘sweat’ as we call it.

On this particular thursday, I stood in goal for a bit and got a bullet of a shot straight to my left hand. It happened so fast that I flinched my hand too late and hit my bottom jaw in the process.

Within minutes my left hand had swelled and my bottom jaw was in pain, in fact I couldn’t even close my jaw.

A couple of days later, I had my hand checked out and x-rayed, turns out I have a slight chip in my wrist bone. The strange thing is that area is not hurting at all. But my hand is – the skin feels as if it’s pulling, and when I clench to make a fist, the index finger is in pain. I think the soft tissue is going to take a while to repair.

I’ve been told six weeks.

In the meantime I am reduced to just practicing right hand techniques for both classical and electric guitar.

If there was ever a case of making lemonade out of lemons here; this is it.