In the past 2 weeks I’ve been to six countries

by Cesco Emmanuel

So the European leg of our short summer tour is over. It’s hard to believe just ten days ago I was packing my suitcase to head to Europe.

It’s even harder to believe that up until the 16th of July I had no idea that I would be touring this summer.

So a big lesson here is always keep one’s options open, and be ready to roll with the punches and change direction if need be, because after all, which musician doesn’t want to go on tour.

I’m writing out a tour log of sorts, when everything is over, I’ll post what happened everyday. For no other reason that ‘why not?’

So the past two weeks I’ve been to Canada, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Austria.

When all this is over I’ll head back to Trinidad and resume my teaching schedule.

It’s great to tour, it’s the dream of every musician – to hit the road and play music.

Still, I look forward to being back home and seeing my friends and family. There is after all, no place like home.

But until then, I’m on the road.