Hardly finding time to blog

by Cesco Emmanuel

If it’s one thing that I have been guilty of this summer, it’s the inconsistency of my blogging. I kept promising myself to blog everyday – hasn’t happened. Then I said I would blog after each tour segment, so that way I can properly account for almost every day of a tour. That also hasn’t happened.

I’m now behind on blogging about all the great fun we had out on the West Coast, all our Toronto shows and now our second European Tour.

It is frustrating and I would probably only get around to all of this when I return to Trinidad next week.

It’s not that I don’t want to blog, it’s simply that I cannot find the time to log in all the band’s days.  It takes me a while to write a detailed blog of all our events. I want to make sure I remember everything and write about it.

Usually when we arrive at a venue, we barely have enough time to settle-in, and we try to get around to see a lil bit of where we’re staying. So, we roam around and usually tire ourselves out. It’s not that we’re last minute or disorganized, we’re just a bit chaotic and spontaneous.

So, in-between playing shows, sight-seeing and trying to make the most of our time in a foreign country, a few things have suffered along the way – blogging and even worse, my practicing. I usually practice my classical guitar and electric guitar about six days a week.

I’ve had time to practice now and again, but it’s been inconsistent. But I guess some practice is better than none at all.

I have a lot of catching up to do before my teaching term begins. It’s almost like getting back from vacation only to clear up the mess that was made during your absence.

But…..it’s a welcomed mess. I wouldn’t trade this summer and all the four legs of the tour that we did for anything in the world. It’s been the most exciting, hectic, exhausting, scary, uncertain and beautiful summer of my life.

In order to get my life back to ‘normal’ I’ll just have to sort out my stuff when I get back home and catch up on my blogs as soon as I can.

So, have no fear out there, those who honour me by reading my posts. I have much more to write about my travels. West Coast, Toronto and Europe to follow.

Stay posted and keep well.