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And the exam is over and back to normal…well….sort of…

And so, April 21st came and went, my LRSM exam took place at 2PM that Friday. I’m awaiting my results, I don’t want to over think it too much but I’m hoping for the best.

And after months of practicing strictly classical guitar every day for two hours plus, I’ve gone back to the routine of playing both electric and classical guitar almost everyday.

I normally would hit the electric first and then switch to classical after an hour.

It’s an interesting thing, switching between both genres of music and two different types of guitar, and to be honest, I love both types of guitars for various reasons, I don’t have a favourite.

I have some days where my playing feels like an old car going uphill with a choke in the gas tank, other days I get by pretty ok, and then once in a while my playing just flows, like butter. I love those days but it doesn’t happen that often.

But still, there’s only one way to keep those fingers nimble and that’s to keep practicing, as often as possible.

Great guitar players aren’t born, they’re well rehearsed. At least that’s what I think.

Strange posts, what exactly is going on?

Since November, my life has changed, taken a sudden turn and I have to re-arrange my entire world now.

It has not been an easy time, in fact, it’s been the hardest time of my life really. I’ve had a few crappy things happen to me over the years (then again, who doesn’t?), but this whole experience has been the worst. To say it has been a challenge would be a bloody understatement.

My life will never be the same. Some days I feel as if I’m in mourning. Other days, I’m just grateful the outcome wasn’t worse. Some days I have a barrage of emotions that hijack my brain and tire me out.

Today was a good day though. The sun was just perfect and there was a nice breeze blowing and I made the most of practicing, I have my classical guitar exams in April.

Musically, there’s hope for another Kobo Town tour this summer, we’ll see what happens. I love touring.

Life sure is unpredictable, and messy.

I plan to write about my health and life sometime in the near future, but not now, when the dust settles and I can assess the situation and outcome with a clearer head.

For anyone wondering what in the heck is going on with me, all I can say is that I’m ok, trying to be the best I can and recovering one step at a time.

Time. That’s all we have really.

In spite of all this, I’ve been trying to practice as much as possible and by golly, I think I’m getting the kinks out of my playing, but I really have to plug along and sometimes force myself to practice.

Strangely, whenever I do, I’m always happy that I did make the effort.

Music is truly a miracle.


For the first time in my life, I practiced six days this week

For the first in my guitar-playing life, I practiced guitar six days this week.

I stuck to a regimented plan, and practiced six days this week. Now, there’s a difference between just playing the guitar and practicing. There’s also a difference between passive vs. active practice.

So, this was the first week where I actively practiced. Not everyday was a good day, some days my fingers were stiff. Other days I was really making progress.

I hope I can keep this up for the next few months and throughout summer, because if I can do this, then I may be on my way to finally becoming the guitarist I always wished I could be, but I had no idea how to get there.

Thank you Tom Hess for giving me the tools to improve. Thank you Graham Newling for guiding me on the right path. Thank you Dr. Noa Kageyama for showing me how to really practice.

What have I been up to?

A number of people keep asking me ‘when is my next gig’? Truth is, I have nothing booked, it may sound a bit strange but I’m almost in no hurry to play out whatsoever.

May seem absurd – a musician who has no zeal to play out. Right now, my head is just stuck in music books and refining my technique. It may sound a bit silly and egocentric, but I realized over the last three years that my method of practicing and my ‘technique’ needs some help.

So I am getting some, help that is, and not just any old help – the professional kind, from teachers who know their stuff. And it’s a slow, almost bizarre process trying to un-learn the guitar and the way I played it. But sometimes we have to throw off the old ways of doing things when they don’t work for us anymore and find new ways to proceed. A way that will work for the new person inside us all.

So, I’m doing just that. And it is scary and time-consuming as hell. And with that in mind, I just can’t find time to learn a repertoire to plan a gig.

So, in the meantime, I’ll be in my rehearsal space/office. Practicing like a madman.