Getting organized….

by Cesco Emmanuel

So I re-activated my Canadian phone for when I’m travelling.

Will teach my last class next week monday.

Haven’t started to pack as yet. What does one pack for a three-month trip?

I’m definitely taking more underwear than last year’s three week tour where I ran out of clean clothes in Germany, luckily we found a laundry-mat in Prague, but the folks didn’t speak English, but hey, at least I had clean clothes again after one day being gross and stink, perhaps you didn’t need to know that.

TMI? Yes? Probably.

I remember my first tour with KOBO TOWN back in 2008, we were heading out to the Canadian West coast for 5 weeks, and Karol from Hushmoney (a great and crazy guy) told me that he would just take two underwear,  that’s all. Use one during the day, wash the other one by night.

But, anyway. That was 2008.

So, I guess an ample amount of clothes (and underwear and socks), vitamins, music, books, maybe a jacket or two, I heard Canada and Europe are still cold for some strange reason.

An effect or two, a delay pedal, an overdrive and a tuner.  And a guitar. Yes.

Most important.