For the first time in my life, I practiced six days this week

by Cesco Emmanuel

For the first in my guitar-playing life, I practiced guitar six days this week.

I stuck to a regimented plan, and practiced six days this week. Now, there’s a difference between just playing the guitar and practicing. There’s also a difference between passive vs. active practice.

So, this was the first week where I actively practiced. Not everyday was a good day, some days my fingers were stiff. Other days I was really making progress.

I hope I can keep this up for the next few months and throughout summer, because if I can do this, then I may be on my way to finally becoming the guitarist I always wished I could be, but I had no idea how to get there.

Thank you Tom Hess for giving me the tools to improve. Thank you Graham Newling for guiding me on the right path. Thank you Dr. Noa Kageyama for showing me how to really practice.