Biting the bullet with Facebook and Twitter

by Cesco Emmanuel

For years I stayed away from Twitter.

I also decided not to put up a Facebook Fanpage for myself as a solo artist. It just seemed to ego-centric for me.


I just didn’t see the need for it.

And that’s what I told Kelli Richard, CEO of The All Access Group last week tuesday at a workshop session on Digital Medi & Marketing held at UTT Campus on NAPA, put on by the US Embassy.

She was very nice when she asked me ‘why?’ in fact, the entire audience asked the same thing.

I could give no plausible answer other than ‘I don’t know’

What I really wanted to say is that I don’t see myself as an ‘artist’, but rather just a musician. But Kelli asked me ‘You have people following you, right? Don’t you want more?’

Darren Farfan, an old schoolmate of mine asked me after the session ‘You want people to know about your music right? not just your band stuff right?’

Inasmuch as I hadn’t thought about it, they’re both right.

I just never gave it much thought, and I hope I don’t seem like some ego, nut-job now who sees himself as a solo artist.

Facebook and Twitter? Here I come