And the exam is over and back to normal…well….sort of…

by Cesco Emmanuel

And so, April 21st came and went, my LRSM exam took place at 2PM that Friday. I’m awaiting my results, I don’t want to over think it too much but I’m hoping for the best.

And after months of practicing strictly classical guitar every day for two hours plus, I’ve gone back to the routine of playing both electric and classical guitar almost everyday.

I normally would hit the electric first and then switch to classical after an hour.

It’s an interesting thing, switching between both genres of music and two different types of guitar, and to be honest, I love both types of guitars for various reasons, I don’t have a favourite.

I have some days where my playing feels like an old car going uphill with a choke in the gas tank, other days I get by pretty ok, and then once in a while my playing just flows, like butter. I love those days but it doesn’t happen that often.

But still, there’s only one way to keep those fingers nimble and that’s to keep practicing, as often as possible.

Great guitar players aren’t born, they’re well rehearsed. At least that’s what I think.