Almost on the home stretch

by Cesco Emmanuel


Things are starting to take shape. The new album is almost finished. I have a few tweaks and edits to do to  and just two more songs to record vocals, drums and bass.

I’m hoping to get two old bandmates of mine from my Brothers Grimm era to come play on those tracks. One is actually the first song I ever wrote with those guys – ‘The Battle Within’, so I’m hoping it can all work out. It will be good for memory sake to have my old brothers play on this record.

I’m aiming for a early summer release, fingers and toes crossed.

Some of these songs I’ve had for over a decade.

My last album was four years ago, hard to believe.

Side One: Journey Within was a solo acoustic, bare bones album. This new one has a few tunes with just me and my guitar, but I also wanted a fuller sound, so I got a couple of drummers and bass players I always liked to play on this album.

Still got to organize art work and where I’ll be releasing the record, most likely online on CD Baby and iTunes.

The new album will be called ‘A Spanner in the works’

Stay tuned.