According to a nine-year-old, music IS a language

by Cesco Emmanuel

Usually every Christmas eve mass, I play guitar for the Assumption Church Choir, but this year as I fractured a bone in my left hand, I  sang with the choir instead. It was different, I missed playing guitar but nonetheless the mass was beautiful.

As we were waiting to start singing the handful of Christmas carols before the start of service, I was informed by nine-year-old Sophia (who is the youngest person in the choir) that she speaks four languages – English, Spanish, French and Music.

I laughed immediately at her candid response, not out of ridicule, but more out of amazement.

Without blinking an eye, she said to me ‘And you do too, you also speak Music.’

And so it was that on Christmas Eve, December 24th, 2012, a little girl by the name of Sophia made me remember that music is in fact, a language.

I’m beginning to think more and more than kids have the correct idea and we adults have it all wrong.

To all my musician friends, remember we speak various languages and music just happens to be one of them.