A University Lecturer am I

by Cesco Emmanuel

Maybe that’s how Yoda would say it? who knows.

All I know is, I got a call this Wednesday from my guitar mentor and coach – Graham Newling who told be about an immediate vacancy for ‘Guitar Lecturer’ at the Faculty of Creative and Festival Arts at UWI (University of the West Indies), St. Augustine Campus.

So, I applied and had an interview of Friday, and I start next Tuesday.

If anything has ever happened quickly in my life, it was this. A huge part of me is still in shock.

Am I happy about this new career point in my musical life? You bet!

Am I a wee bit worried and concerned about if I can teach University students? Umm just a tad bit.

I’m qualified to teach, of that I’m sure. But teaching at this level is different from teaching 8-yr-olds how to play ‘Smoke on the Water’

One thing’s for certain, life is what happens when we’re busy making plans. As we’re busy making plans, God has his own plan.

Now, all I gotta do is follow this path wherever it takes me.

A University lecturer I am.

Thank you God.