A Night of Guitar 2

by Cesco Emmanuel






So I haven’t been blogging so much on this site because I’ve been really crazy super busy trying to get this show ready for next week Saturday, Nov 12th at Queen’s Hall.

There’s been a lot of planning that went into this show, and I must say, one thing that felt great from the start was the vibe that was ever present among all the guitarists – Dean Williams, Theron Shaw, Graham Newling, David Cockburn, John Hussain and myself.

Special guests for this show are Flamenco extraordinary Stefan Roach and young tenor Kyle Richardson.

So, what’s different with this show as opposed to last year’s show?

Well, for one the venue is different, it’s at Queen’s Hall now. It’s a Saturday night versus a Sunday evening. It’s seven guitarists instead of five, and that means a wider repertoire.

Of course the challenge was working out a proper timeline for everyone. A bigger challenge was selling a show like this so close to Christmas because it’s not really a Christmas show although we are doing a tribute to Christmas. But we are doing pieces from different eras and genres, a few duets and a number of group medleys.

I’m really excited about this year’s program and the lineup. We all bring something different to the table, we’re so different as guitarists, but we are working so well together and it’s coming out in how we’re sounding together as a group.

So, I know.

I know it’s going to be a great show and I hope you can make it to the concert.

See you there Saturday, November 12th at Queen’s Hall.