A mini summer tour with Kobo Town

by Cesco Emmanuel

so, I’m in Canada for a few weeks with Kobo Town, just for a handful of shows. The boys have gigs all summer long but I’m just here for a few weeks.

So we head out to Orillia, Montreal, Moncton and Ottawa. I’ve never been to Orillia nor Moncton so that will be interesting to visit new places.

To me that’s always the best part of touring – visiting new places and playing music for new faces.

I like Canada in the summertime, although my favourite time is late Spring in to Summer or late Summer in to Fall – not too hot, not too cold.

And summer festivals are always a great way to spend a weekend. This weekend, we’re at Mariposa Folk Fest.

So, it’s off on the road we go.

Now to go pack.

See you all on the road.