50% Local content on our airwaves

by Cesco Emmanuel

So, it might be because I’m not that old, but I can’t remember us musicians ever having a petition that states what we want – 50% local radio content.

Sure, there’s tons of soca music and other derivatives of that on the airwaves, but what about all the other genres of music that minimal airplay?

And forget about all the myopic, negative, selfish, cowardly reasons like – ‘We’re only playing what people want to hear, and people hardly want to hear local music’ or ‘Local music is not up to standard production-wise like other music from North America and Europe.’ This and any other other lame excuses are a blatant LIE by radio owners and their minions who are just seeking to ensure that ‘they’ have a personal radio station that plays what ‘THEY’ want to hear and the dj’s and radio programmers brainwash their audiences into swallowing their ‘popular’ programming completely – hook, line and sinker.

Many trinidadians want more local content. If you are one of them, then please sign the petition to have 50% local content on radio & TV. This petition was started by ACTT (Artist Coalition of Trinidad & Tobago).

If you are one of those people that have no clue what local music is out there – two things – it’s not your fault and you only have to tune in to 91.1 from 8 – 10PM and 95.1 from 10 – 11.30PM, both on thursday night to hear what we, local musicians are doing. You might be pleasantly surprised. That and get out every weekend and check out your local ‘What’s On’ listing in the newspaper. Get to know your local music scene.

Please help us grow a music scene that we can all be proud of. A scene that will benefit everyone – musicians, radio station & TV programmers, club owners and you the general listening public.

Here’s the petition

We need your autograph so we can be heard.

Thanks folks.